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(completed percentage: 60%
last updated: 2007/12/15)


(click for larger image of dimensions 2000×1646)

Croshe(クローシェ・レーテル・パスタリエ), one of heroine in Ar tonelico II. Initially, I intended to devote tens of hours to her. That’s how I descript the completed percentage about 15% here. However, homework of fantastical amount forces me to give up. I hope that I can keep on soon.

Tablet: WACOM CTE-430 4×5
Original Dimensions: 4000 × 4500 pixels
Resolution: 350 dpi

Below are drawing process.

Singing to Stars


(click for larger image)

This was painted last June. It took me about 50 hours. And among all painting by I myself, she’s my favorite. Misya, the girl above, is one of the female protagonists in PS2 game Ar tonelico. Singing to Stars, the title, was based on Hoshiyomi(星詠, praising the stars), a Hymmnos song of Ar tonelico.

Software: Photoshop CS
Tablet: WACOM CTE-430 4*5
Original Dimensions: 4000 × 3000 pixels
Resolution: 300 dpi
Image Size: 868 kB

Review – the past several months

Orientation Brochures

We’d produce an orientation brochure for the freshmen entering our department this year. In fact, almost all it is made up by my classmate. I only sent the pdf. file and the cover art to a printing office.

Get acquaintance with freshmen.

Contact Book
We’d collect the information of all students in our department. Then we’d started our burdening typesetting. We choose Microsoft Word to do this job for us, and we’d encounter lots of problem when importing tables from Microsoft Excel. We were stranded by a further burdening problem when inserting page codes. As soon as we insert the page numbers, the tables just move into another page. It’s awful that we are not able to solve this problem. We’d ‘paste’ the page numbers instead at last.

Poster of Camp
There would be a camp for high school students this winter. And I designed that poster.

Seeking sponsors
We are going to publish a publication next year. So we’d found sponsors for help. This is really an exciting and novel experience for me.

Cover Art of our publication
Under brainstorming, and the deadline would be several months later.

Inviting Professors to give a lecture
This is really an exciting and novel experience for me, too.

Books, assignments, experiments, tests
These are what a student should do. But I didn’t do a really good job.

Japanese class

I am eager to learn this language. I hope that I can also join an Italian course. However, for some reasons, I had better improve my English first.

Time goes really fast.

What does the word ‘Mio’ means in Japanese?

What does the word ‘Mio’ means in Japanese?

Mio is the title of a recently Hymmnos album, a Hymmnos song, and a princess―of Ar tonelico II. This word Mio had shown in Ar tonelico for tens or hundreds of times. But what does ‘Mio’ really means? Mio can be possessive in Italian. Mio babbino(my daddy), for example. But this time I should concentrate on what it would be in Japanese, since originally Ar tonelico is a Japanese game.

I’d turned to my dictionaries for help, but there’s no such word in by small dictionary. I’d turn to web dictionaries, but I cannot get satisfied. Thus I went to library of my school, and these are my one of my results:

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