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Meimu, lyrics translating

Album: 緑の森で眠ル鳥 / Midori no Mori de Nemuru Tori
Release Date: 18th of November, 2001
Song title: 迷夢 / Meimu
Artist: 志方あきこ/Akiko Shikata

   鈍色の 空を渡り 水鳥は海を夢見る
   Swiftly flying through the gray sky, anatidae met an ocean in her reverie.
   薄闇に 落ちる影を 荒れ果て野 孤独と記憶
   Shadowed darkness, in it was the memories and solitude of a deserted prairie.
   幼仔の 小さき眸は 揺りかごを求め彷徨う
   With pupils flowing, bambino was finding her cradle anxiously.

   裏路地に 荊道 靴音は正邪の奏で
   Steps, executed in the trek of thistles and thorns,
   were the track of goodness and evilness.

   Granted the fact that I was abandoned by the truth which has died already,
   削り取られ 僕は 選び 祈り 踊る
   gracefully I decided to dance, dance in my graceful steps.

   For the boat carrying you not to get lost,

   let me embrace the glow and lie down,
   on the riverbed deeply under the flowing water wave.


   鴇色の 冷たい手は 語り部の声を摘み取り
   Although her hands were frozen to pink,
   she tried to grab the voice of a story teller:

   格子戸に 掛かる月 銃声は歴史を描く
   reports narrated histories as the moon hung on the latticed door.

   Pendulums entwined by fate and destiny,

   歪む街は 僕に 与え 奪い 謳う
   vouchsafed me, deprived me and chanted me on this crooked street.

   For you to remove all of your grief,

   go ahead and find the eternal rainbow in this blizzard blowing country.


   Pendulums entwined by fate and destiny,

   沈む街が キミと 僕を 選び 造る
   chose and bore you and me, on this sunk street.

   Be able to be sung, in this world which carries you,

   adorn the morrow with no end on that hill in the dessert far away.

   For you to remove all of your grief,

   go ahead and find the eternal rainbow in this blizzard blowing country.


Project: Wee Yee Ra

Project: Wee Yee Ra

‘Project Wee Yee Ra’ is the title of an introduction to, a general guide to, and an examination of Akiko Shikata’s music. ‘Wee yee ra’ is from her afterword of album Hoshiyomi ‘Wee yee ra ene foul enrer’, which is in a constructed language named Hymmnos and says ‘How amazing Melodies always be.’

For many years, I had been lured by her unbearably marvelous songs, her incredibly fantastically amazing melodies, and unimaginably heavenly voice. Although, there’s something changed in her and her singing and sometimes considered not so charming anymore; to appreciate, to be grateful for her works, I had to and I hope that I am able to carry something out.

Current Status: Outlining

3 Drawings

Mt. Corrie

Tablet: Graphire3 3×5
Original Dimensions: 2000 × 1040 pixels
Resolution: 300 dpi
Time taken: 3.5 hours


Tablet: Intuos 6×8
Original Dimensions: 1624 × 1058 pixels
Resolution: 300 dpi
Time taken: 20 minutes


Tablet: Intuos 6×8
Original Dimensions: 4000 × 3000 pixels
Resolution: 300 dpi
Time taken: 30 minutes



  Recently I encountered another thrill consonant, the uvular trill. I’d stranded by coronal trill in learning Italian. Coronal trill is not easy for me and I had taken several hours to optimize producing this sound. This time, the thrill consonant that I hope to acquire is the uvular trill, which is produced in modern German. After looking up in Wikipedia, I would like to memo my results here.

  The most common thrill consonants can be categorized into these three:
  [r] - coronal trill. Example: Spanish, Italian, Czech.
  [ʙ] - bilabial trill, the less common one. Example: Baka, Kele, Pirahã.
  [ʀ] - uvular trill. Example: French, modern Standard German.

How to produce this [ʀ] - uvular trill

1. User DaleC in WorldReference forum had a summarize the process into 3 steps. I should quote it here.

  Stage 1. Relax the tongue to that the tongue's upper pharyngeal portion (or maybe rather the part of the tongue where the upper pharyngeal portion meets the oral portion) comes closer to the uvula and throat.

  Stage 2. Pull the relevant portion of the tongue forward AND KEEP IT LOW, as described above, and at the same time pull the soft palate up and forward.

  Stage 3. As the tension in the soft palate increases and as you exhale a little more strongly, the uvula will vibrate against the tongue.

2.Flash tutor of page “Phonetics: The Sounds of English and Spanish” from The University of Iowa:


  Click German and then select frikative category. Active instruction of this uvular trill is available.





Happy New Year!

At first, I intend to draw her, Reika, one of heroine in Ar tonelico II, on the weekend just past. However, I just caught cold again, and several assignments appear again. What’s more, I need to finish the design of camp shirt. After the aforesaid are finished, my weekend is over. Today, eventually, I am able to spend about one hour on her. And this is the result.

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