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La sombra del viento

La sombra del viento

  I dropped by Dad’s library to find a leisure one to read. Within a minute I picked up these three: the Kite runner by Khaled Hosseini, Brothers by Hua Yui, and then the Shadows of the wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

  Shadows of the wind, or La sombra del viento, a novel written in Spanish by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, and was published in 2001. It was translated into English in 2004. The whole story of Shadows of the wind is about a novel La sombra del viento in this story. In Spanish Civil War Barcelona, Daniel Sempere, the protagonist of the story, began his story by meeting a mysterious book named La sombra del viento, at a place called ‘the cemetery of books’. Being captivated by this book of mystery, Daniel Sempere started to find something about the author of that book and the tragedy of him.

  An amazing thing I found when reading is, it seems that, the author was trying to let the reader deduce several outcomes of the story, by telling the reader a lot of facts seem have to do with each others in a not so apparent way. Lots of faces of some of information were given. As a matter of fact, this is one of the features of the so called Magic realism. This makes me happy a little bit when I found who the stranger showing up in the beginning of the story is.

  The other point I would like to say is that, in the story, I was terribly thrilled, the moment I found the coupled resemblance of two characters in the story.

  The copy I read this time was a Chinese translated version. What I must say is that this novel was fabulously translated, into such fluent words of rhetoric and accuracy. There are so many scene are reproduced in such a lively way. Although there are a few typical or grammatical errors in my copy, I found neither irritation nor aggression of usage in the mean time I’m reading it. In fact, it’s an overall great reading process, and I am going to wait the 2009 advent of English translation of The Angel's Game, Zafón next novel.



2008.07.30| URL| 林鴻鈞 #L9s05DP. [編集]


2008.07.30| URL| 林鴻鈞 #L9s05DP. [編集]




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