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Raggi di primavera

Si schiudono i boccioli color di rosa.
L’ostinato inverno ha annunciato la propria fine.
桜色の 蕾(つぼみ)がほころび
頑(かたく)なな冬が 終わりをげました

I petali caduti al vento ondeggiano come piume
Fioccando sui tuoi capelli, sul palme dello mia mano.
風に散る花びらは 羽根のように浮かび
貴方の髪に 私のてのひらに 雪のように降ります

Non si possono cancellare gli errori commessi ma,
nel tempo in continuo movimento, un giorno verrà la stagione per porvi rimedio.
犯した過ちは 消す事ができまないけれど
動き続ける月日の中で いつか償える季節か訪れるでしょう

Ah! Un caldo sentimento mi pervade.
Per la prima volta ho capito cosa significa “felicità”.
ああ 暖かな感情が 身体中を滿たしてまきます
幸福という言葉の意味を 初めて知る事ができました

L’immensa gioia provota per il miracolo di averti qui.
あなたかここに居る奇跡に 最上の喜びを感じるのです

03. 春告げ ~Raggi di primavera~
Composed & Arranged by Akiko Shikata
Lyrics by Tomoko Shinoda
Flute: Takayo kubo

For the full text of rAKA lyrics, one can visit the page typed by kladde:

Announce of the end of the winter.
As the pink buds bud, they also omit that it is shifting from winter to spring.” Akiko starts the song by singing so. It’s so warming so clear and so comfortable, as spring always be. Then “Flowers of petals fall in the warming wind, revolting as feathers. Fall on your hair, your nose and your hand”, spring advents suddenly. Of course this arbitrary distinction from winter to spring is impossible, but that’s exactly the melody gives me. The melody expands, diverges, from a far, almost unreachable point. Then point expand itself to a line, the line expand itself into a plane, a plane of spring, a surface of color green. Emotionally, spring herself seems to flow like a grail of dear oil green watercolor, flowing and washing this winter-burdened white terra with whole new color as well.





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