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Three members inside my room

Took several photo of my family inside my room. My camera is half broken due to tens of falls. It’s not able to focus functionally anymore, and always produce lots of random dots on photo taken. It would be nice if I got the chance to change a new one, but it is still usable anyway. Thus I still need to deal with it for months. However, Dad brought one of his camera back this night. With his camera, I took photo of my family inside my room.

There are 4 members inside my room: 2 Pikachu, 1 Tokepi and me, of course.

First Pikachu, Bia:

Actually this is my (younger) sister’s, not mine. He’s born(purchased) in January 1999, when I was twelve. He’s the first stuffed Pokémon we get. I don’t know why and I cannot remember when he joined us. I can recall that my sister and I did shower him with shower nozzle. We first made him soaked and then dropped bubble soap on him. The drying process was not so pleasant. We used hair dryers to remove the water on and in his fur and his ‘flesh’. After these, his fur was totally destroyed. It’s really a sad result.

Second Pikachu, Eia:

Born in June 6, 1999, he accompanies me for more than 8 years. Because both my sister and I keep one Pikachu. When we were quarreling with each other, Pikachus became victims of the war. They often involved in our conflict. I took my sister’s from her room and hided him in many kinds of place, from one drawer inside my closet to the roof of our home. The same was done on me.

I am not sure when he was born. Whenever it is, it must be about one or two years after two Pikachus.

 More Photos:


I am neither a child nor young anymore,
but I hope I can keep them with me forever.





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